May 28, 2024

Tips and tricks to prepare the nursery

The room must be healthy to avoid any diseases that may occur when a child lives in a confined environment. The bed and a place to change it are the two indispensable elements at the birth of baby. Depending on the size of the children's roomThe parents can then add furniture (chest of drawers, cupboard), a toy box and decorative elements. How to arrange this place so that it is the most practical and the safest? Where to start ? Which materials to choose for the children's room ? Are there any hygiene and safety instructions? Here are some tips and tricks:

- The bed must ensure the comfort and safety of the child.

The crib is a good investment because it allows to adjust the height of the bed base. The high position is only used for about six months. As soon as baby starts to pull on his arms to sit down, he must be put in the low position. In principle, he will keep his bed until he is three years old. It must be as comfortable as baby sleeps an average of sixteen hours a day.

- Washable floor and wall coverings are preferred.

The flooring of the children's room is important. It must be comfortable and healthy because the child spends a lot of time on the ground. It must be easy to clean. The walls of the room are painted. Very good idea. However, some paints contain toxic substances and give off strong odors. They are to be avoided in the environment of a baby but also of a pregnant woman. It is better to opt for an acrylic paint or for so-called natural paints. Solvent-free paints and decorative products, preferably labeled NF Environnement, must be chosen.

- You have to think about setting up a comfortable corner for the toilet and change it. The ideal is to install the changing table, essential from birth, in the bathroom. The changing table must comply with the safety requirements in force. In the first few months, parents change a baby a dozen times a day. The installation of a corner "changes" in the children's room is more practical.

- If the apartment or house does not have shutters, a pair of thick curtains will do the trick.

- It is better to arrange the affairs of baby in closets or enclosed areas and in height. As soon as he walks on all fours, these facilities can be dangerous if they are within his reach.

- check that the shelves and high furniture are stable. It is even better to fix them to the wall and not to install the shelves above the bed of baby.

- It is necessary to provide furniture in raw wood to those in agglomerate. These are bonded with formaldehyde. Why ? Because this substance can particularly promote asthma attacks or allergies.

- It is inadvisable to use too fragrant household products often rich in volatile organic compounds allergisants.

- The temperature should be pleasant in the room (between 18 and 20 ° C). It must be aerated daily and aspirated regularly.

- The access of the children's room must be prohibited to the pet to limit the risk of allergies and accidents.

- The safety of a child is the first concern of parents. It is necessary to make sure of the solidity of the furniture present in the room. The electrical devices present in the room (night light, humidifier ...) must comply with European safety standards. Do not leave a dangerous electrical installation (plugs loose ...). Parents must keep small objects and medications out of reach of baby.

That's the room waiting for you baby.