February 29, 2024

Tips and tricks to prevent and heal red buttocks

Red buttocks or diaper rash or seat dermatitis, what is it?

It is a cutaneous inflammation caused in particular by the prolonged contact of the skin of the baby with a stained diaper stool or urine. Diaper rash appears especially in the first year of babyespecially between 9 and 12 months. The skin is red, irritated. Red buttons or plaques can appear. Although benign, diaper rash can hinder the infant and be painful. Yet this small inconvenience is simple to prevent and cure.

How to prevent red buttocks in infants?

By changing the soiled diapers with urine and stool as often as possible.
- Carefully wash the seat (do not rub and dry the buttocks well by dabbing).
- Avoiding rubber or plastic layers that prevent the buttocks from breathing.
- By washing non-disposable diapers and clothes with Marseille soap, rinsing them thoroughly.
- By putting on pajamas made of cotton.
- By applying systematically on his buttocks an ointment that repels moisture.
- By checking that baby is not allergic to the components of the layers. If the infant suffers from allergy, it is necessary to change brands and choose hypoallergenic layers.
- Avoiding the systematic use of wipes. They often contain alcohol and products that can irritate the delicate skin of the end of cabbage.

Good reflexes when baby has red buttocks:

- Leave her bare buttocks.
- Change it regularly especially if baby has diarrhea.
- Clean his buttocks with Marseille soap, rinse thoroughly and dry his buttocks with a tissue or a dryer (cold air and keep it at a safe distance).
- Apply a product that insulates her buttocks from moisture after washing.
- Give her sitz baths with a mild antiseptic product.
Regarding these last two points, it is best to talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Causes of red buttocks

The heat and humidity of the layer that weakens the skin of baby. The baby must therefore be changed regularly.
- The friction of the layer (sometimes too tight).
- Minor digestive disorders
- Stool acidity and urine in the diaper.
- Dental flares that make the stools and urine more acidic and therefore more irritating to the skin. How to relieve a dental flare, click here.
- An allergy to soaps, detergents, fabric softeners, detergents, wipes and other toiletries such as talc. Some of its products contain scents that can irritate the skin of baby.
- Skin conditions: some babies suffer from dermatological conditions (eczema ...) that tend to favor the appearance of a diaper rash.
- Taking antibiotics that makes the stool softer.

Symptoms of red buttocks

The redness often starts at the anus or folds of the groin. Sometimes they extend to the testicles, to the vulva or to the entire seat. It also happens that the upper part of the skin peels and that pimples or vesicles appear, ooze or even bleed.

Complications due to red buttocks

When the buttocks are red, the main complications of diaper rash are superinfection by bacteria or fungi. When you notice that the infection is invading the folds or that baby has fever and maybe pus, it takes the advice of a doctor. Be that as it may, mom should tell her doctor or pediatrician if symptoms persist for more than four days, if the child has fever, blisters or boils, or if breakouts occur elsewhere.

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