October 5, 2022

Tips for controlling your stress

A normal phenomenon
Do not forget that the stress is above all a normal phenomenon. It is an answer of the organism to the physiological and psychological aggressions that it undergoes every day.
But it is true that the stress hurts and can pose a threat to our well-being. It weakens the defenses of the body and favors certain affections. "It is recognized, stresses Dr. Laurent Chneiweiss, psychiatrist, that a stress important role in the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory or dermatological, depression and even cancer. But beware, it is the conjunction of various factors that makes the disease appear. The stress alone is not enough, it becomes an additional factor. "

So to avoid this stress therefore, the best thing is to adopt, as far as possible of course, certain attitudes:

- Do not skip breakfast (paper link) and eat balanced with including fruits and vegetables.
- Drink regularly throughout the day.
- Try to eat in peace, taking your time.
- Slow down on coffee and cigarettes that are exciting.
- Find a restful sleep. (paper link)
Be positive
- Try to relativize a problem, a situation and positivez.
- Take time to think before acting too fast and stress yourself for nothing. If you do not understand a job well, a situation, it is best to talk as calmly as possible. Communication is important in these moments.
Learn to:
- Say no, especially in the office where the solicitations are always more numerous and in a hurry.
- Manage your time, both professionally and personally. Be careful not to scatter by setting multiple goals. Choose the most important ones and take the time to complete them.
- Know more about your reactions and analyze what you are worried about. For example, imagine in advance a situation, what should be your answers, your attitude ... When the time comes, it will be enough for you to rethink while breathing gently.

Take time for yourself
- Change your ideas by diligently practicing a physical, intellectual or playful activity that will allow you to distance yourself from your worries. Go air yourself doing, for example, a great walk in the forest.
- Take the time to see the people you love, to privilege moments to two, to go on weekends, to simply go out of everyday life.
- And then, regularly, do not hesitate to show yourself selfish giving you moments just for you in a beauty salon, for example.
- For the most stressed, relaxation sessions are ideal for releasing muscle tension. Yoga and sophrology are also recommended.
Dr. Chneiweiss is the author of:
" To live without stress »
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