November 28, 2022

Tips for feeding babies and children

-Your child loves pasta and mashed potatoes? All the better: Add some vegetables. Do not hesitate to add vegetables in some dishes such as mashed potatoes, gratins, quiches, omelettes ...

-Make your imagination play by creating playful plates. In our little childhood, we were all entitled to the plate "man". Our mothers family we were drawing a face with the vegetables. We fell into the trap. Why not our children.

- Invest in fun plates and cutlery. Several brands of baby make it.

- In the city as in the countryside, your child can make his own plantations (cherry tomatoes, herbs ...). He will then be delighted to taste them.

- When you go shopping, take your child with you. On the market stalls, he will discover the great diversity of vegetables and fruits.

- Allow him to choose the vegetable or the fruit he wants to taste.

- Cooking workshop for everyone! You can indeed involve it in the realization of the dishes by choosing for example easy recipes for child.

- Are you the type to say "Do what I say, not what I do"? It's not good ! Do you want your child to eat fruits and vegetables? So we must eat too. If your child sees you, he will surely want to taste it.

- In the spring of their life, toddlers are sometimes lazy then peel and cut fruits and vegetables into small pieces.

Yesbaby do not want to eat, do not threaten him with punishments or promise him rewards. But insist that he taste but do not force it. In case of failure, do not give up and represent the vegetable or the fruit he refused. The meal should not be long (no more than half an hour).

Fruits and vegetables, essential for a balanced diet, are sometimes rejected by children. According to the results of the 2006 National Health Nutrition Study, 20% of children aged 3 to 17 consume at least five fruits and vegetables a day

Tips on how to feed your child from 1 to 2 years | UNICEF (November 2022)