June 23, 2024

Tips on how to make your whipped cream by hand and without getting tired!

The mystery box this Thursday has thrilled the candidates of Masterchef : sweetened condensed milk, cream brown, cereal ... you'll understand, it's a test of pastry. Louisa decides to make a cream whipped by hand. Faced with his difficulties, Chef Anton comes to the rescue and reveals all the tricks to know to mount a whipped cream without finishing with an arm in a sling.

To keep the distance, there is nothing simpler, just move the wrist and only the wrist. It is a gesture to take, but once it is mastered, whipped cream goes up almost alone.

The purpose of this movement is, as for snow eggs, to integrate air. Once the whipped cream begins to form, add the icing sugar and whip, whip and refine until cream removes the goose bumps and clings well to the branches of the whip.
Another important factor to make your whipped cream every time: the choice of cream fresh. And yes, we do not take any, we use the cream whipping. It's a cream cool liquid that incorporates many more air bubbles when whipped.

Last tip: to facilitate the climb, your container must be well cooled. Frédéric Anton even puts it on a salad bowl filled with ice cubes to maintain the freshness. With all its tips, in 1 minute your whipped cream is perfect, your arm is safe and there is more than to taste!

How to Whip Cream (June 2024)