April 10, 2021

Tips to protect your children on the Internet

1 - Talk with your child about his activities on the web
You have to talk to him about his interests and yours. It would be nice to create a family sharing around the uses of the Internet.
69% of teens think that their activities on the Internet do not interest their parents.

2- Activate the parental control software of your ISP on each computer in the house

It is free and regularly evaluated by independent experts.

Between 75 and 88% of unsuitable contents for teens (pornography, gambling, violence ...) are filtered by parental control software.

3- Do not leave young children alone on the Internet

Each use (web browsing, messaging, forum ...) presents specific risks. A predator is likely to hide on the other side of the screen. Watch out for bad encounters or violent pornography.

90% of children have experienced shocking, violent or pornographic content on the Internet at least once.

4- Check that the video game or online is adapted to the age of the child or teenager

Between 2 and 3% of online gambling players exhibit addiction behaviors, that is to say, a lasting and profound break with the family and social environment.

5- Limit the time spent on screens

45% of children aged six to eleven spend more than half of their leisure time on screens: television, Internet, video games ... This time spent in front of the screens can affect the concentration of students.

6- Limit the number of individual screens at home

Televisions, computers, cell phones, game consoles ... The proliferation of screens is a hindrance to family exchanges.

60% of French households have at least six screens.

7- Consult the risk information pages on the Internet

In the sections "child protection" or on the portal site of your Internet service provider.

93% of parents want easily accessible and understandable information on the subject.

8- Report child pornography images and remarks

Several million child porn images circulate continuously on the web.

Parents, yours to play!

Children and the Internet (April 2021)