August 14, 2022

To care for my child with alternative medicine, does it work?

Homeopathy to heal evil with evil

The principle : presented in the form of granules, oral solutions or tablets, homeopathic treatments can cure evil with evil. This is called the principle of similarity. It is a question of administering a medicine to a patient capable of provoking, at a high dose, the same evils in a healthy person. So we use very small doses called "infinitesimal" to fight against many symptoms.
For who ? Homeopathy has the distinction of being able to be administered to everyone, children and infants.
In which cases? Homeopathy can be used in background treatments complementing allopathy (conventional medicine) on allergies, stress, anxiety in school, insomnia. It is prescribed for the prevention of recurrent infections that occur frequently at the beginning of winter. It also relieves dental flares, colic, constipation, colds, eczema ...
Efficiency: There are fast results in toddlers knowing that homeopathy is easy to ingest. Important: it has no contraindications. Do not go into self-medication without knowing anything, call in a homeopath.

Essential oils against infections

The principle : Aromatherapy uses essential oils which are active concentrates of plants to use with care. Well dosed, they have beneficial effects for the physical and the psychic. They can be diffused into the atmosphere, breathed by depositing a few drops on a garment or a pillow, or absorbed by applying them to the skin of the upper chest, for example. They can be diluted in a little olive oil to apply them in massage, which makes them less irritating.
For who ? No essential oil should be recommended for a child under three years old. Generally they are used around the age of 5-7 years but some are contraindicated for under 10 years (juniper, Virginia cedar, turmeric).
In which cases? Essential oils have very broad virtues on viral (Lavandula Latifolia), bacterial or parasitic infections. They are also used to treat anxiety or to rebalance digestion (Rosmarinus officinalis).
Efficiency: They destroy germs, strengthen your child's immune system and do not weaken the body. For sensitive people, it is advisable to test a possible allergic reaction on a small part of the skin before using the products.

Plants for a background treatment

The principle : the art of healing by plants is also called herbal medicine. Plants come in infusion bags, powder, capsules or tincture (alcoholic version).
For who ? The plants can be used in children, but with care, because the active ingredients are, like the essential oils, very powerful, moreover they are alcoholic forms used to preserve the virtues. You can give them the treatment in a little water or with a spoonful of honey.
In which cases? Herbal medicine is used in cases of ENT infections, insomnia (passionflower), allergies, anxiety states ... It is a good background drainage for digestive problems in particular.
Efficiency: Plants are as effective as essential oils because of their high concentration. They can also be taken in addition to a homeopathic treatment. In all cases, call a professional.

Osteopathy to correct the placement of the body

The principle : this therapy is based on manipulation by the osteopath. This restores the quality of the joints, ligaments, muscles and tissues that are around the bones. It heals displacements, tensions, deformations, imbalances.
For who ? It is especially recommended for infants after difficult deliveries and for young children with growth disorders.
In which cases? Young parents often come in for their newborns. It must have been compressed during pregnancy and at the time of expulsion. The osteopath verifies the position of the skull, vertebral column, thorax, hips and will resolve the different tensions.Osteopathy can also solve some worries of sleep or digestion. Because these can be due to bad posture of the spine. We also think of osteopathy in cases of colic, nasopharyngitis or frequent ear infections.
Efficiency: This soft medicine research where exactly the pain comes from and acts by gentle manipulations. It prevents certain ills, heals others. It is particularly effective in the baby who does not have the skull bones welded yet.
Thanks to Dr. Luc Bodin, doctor, specialist in Natural Healing and creator of the website

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