July 5, 2020

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Rights of the Child: The Feast of Color

MiniRose and MiniOrange are the two little figures that symbolize the second edition of the Fête de la Couleur. To celebrate 20 years of the Rights of the Child, thousands of primary schools, more than 2 million school children, recreation centers and individuals are invited to celebrate the signing of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child with and forUNICEF.

In this season, 38,000 French primary schools are invited to participate, to celebrate in color the rights of the child and help to achieve them. Each CM1-CM2 teacher will have the opportunity to obtain an educational kit allowing him to animate workshops with his students around two priority rights: "the right to identity" and "the right to education".

The purpose of the operation is to make children aware of the condition of all the children in the world, of those who are still unable to go to school, those who are subjected to forced labor ... explanatory sheets, teachers can describe the missions of theUnicef, children's rights ...

"The Feast of Color for the Rights of the Child" with MiniRose and MiniOrange offers five fundamental steps, both playful, educational, citizen and solidarity, where the student is always active and at the heart of the project. He is a full actor and provides concrete support to the cause of children's rights.

Recreation centers and individual children are also invited to create collective projects and participate in the Fête de la Couleur by connecting from October 1st, 2009 on the website

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