April 19, 2024

To finish with the inflated belly!

This condition of the colon responds to the name of functional colopathy. It is generally more troublesome than serious and affects about 30% of the population. The symptoms are heaviness, bloating and other intimate inconveniences. Transit disorders can be associated

The causes
These swellings can come simply because you eat too fast, in the noise and talking too much. Also beware of your consumption of chewing gum, the stomach is filled with air and it is the disaster. Stress and nervousness are other triggers.
How to treat these bloating?
Remember to review your diet. Starchy foods, dishes in sauce and raw vegetables should be avoided. They promote the formation of gas. Eat cooked vegetables, fruits, but not too much. Also avoid soft drinks.
Try, as far as possible, to prefer meals in peace: the canteens in the companies, where noise and agitation are constant, are not ideal. And moreover if you tell your colleague your evening it will only make things worse. At home, have the children eat before and avoid addressing a delicate subject at the table.
In case of crisis, you can always try the good old hot water bottle of your grandmother, very effective to soothe your belly.
Another useful tip: practice regular physical activity. Failing to go to a gym, you can simply do at home, a series of abdominals every morning. These exercises will already help to restore your abdominal strap, essential to help you fight against this kind of small unpleasant diseases.
When to consult?
If despite these little tips you can not get rid of this annoying bloated stomach and that pain persists, consult a doctor. He will prescribe a treatment and if necessary you will have additional tests. There are effective medications for pain that can reduce gas production.

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