February 29, 2024

To have less drawn features, we let ourselves go

Mineral bath salts hevea pine and seaweed (wakame, sea lettuce, dulse) act synergistically to replenish energy. Concentrated magnesium and marine trace elements, salts of Guérande, Mediterranean and Nigari Japan revitalize the body and promote fitness. 330 ml. 24? www.ecocentric.fr.

Forget about the cold, the rain and the snow, which puts the skin to the test and succumb to the gentle warmth of the chocolate thermal mask signed The hill. Everything begins with a chocolate tea, then in the cabin begin the different stages of the care: breathing, removing make-up, exfoliation and modeling, to prepare the skin to receive the targeted masks, from the eye contour to the forehead through the lips. The chocolate envelops the skin with a soft heat and allows a better oxygenation of the tissues and diffusion of the active ones. And to accentuate the feeling of relaxation and of welfare the treatment ends with a massage of the hands or the scalp. Until March 31, 2013. 1h15. 125? www.lacolline-skincare.com.

Far from the gloom of everyday life, make the most of Abano Montegrotto in Italy, a spa town specializing in fango treatments (local thermal mud) with 100 thermal spas and spa facilities in an exotic natural and architectural setting on the outskirts of Verona. , Venice and Padua. Test the cure Thermal5Coulours® with its 5 clays born from the association of mud euganean baths and natural extracts of local wealth. Yellow clay helps to drain and slim, green clay tones. For an anti-aging effect, opt for red clay or blue clay, which provides an anti-stress action. Weekend "Watercolor" 3 days / 2 nights half board, access to the thermal pools and 2 face treatments Thermal5colours! From 229 to 329? per person according to accommodation. www.abanomontegrottosi.it.

The massage parlors Lanqi propose the miracle massage. An anti-aging lifting treatment that activates cellular regeneration, combining manual maneuvers on the acupuncture points and the use of the jade roller. Many acupressure points are between the eyebrows, on the temples and along the jaw. Thanks to the stimulation of these meridians, the lymphatic system is encouraged to eliminate toxins, muscular tensions disappear, the energy system is revived. The skin is better nourished and oxygenated. The freshness of the jade closes the pores, reduces the pockets, smooths and plumps. To finish the treatment, the beautician gives a 15 minute scalp massage! 1 hour, 70? www.lanqi-massage-chinois.fr.

Care Oxy-Mineral Cure from Sothys is inspired by "Layering", a layered layering ritual very popular in Asia and thus offers a whole new step in the winter beauty ritual. Ultra-concentrated in minerals and antioxidants, it has an intelligent antitoxin active complex that acts on the chronobiology and oxygenation of cells. Cure of 21 days. 27?
Dermaclay Relaxing-Regenerating Night Cream with Oat and Wheat Vegetable Milk, Evening Primrose Oil, Rose Essential Oil and Cornflower Floral Water, it smoothes out the lines, reduces fatigue marks and rejuvenates the epidermis. 50ml, 20?

Finally, the Infrared Heat Massage Cushion Shiatsu Scholl has a mechanism with 2x2 massage balls. Spring-loaded, they adapt to all morphologies, closer to contractions. 69.90?

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