August 16, 2022

To love two men at once, is it possible?

Yes, we can love two men at a time but differently ...
The love you had recently for this beautiful Apollo, who has become your lover, awakens feelings quite other than those you feel for your "official".
With this boy of 5 to 7, you are in full passion. The flame of desire burns you and you have only one desire to be in bed to make madness of your body. It turns to obsession. You think about him all the time. You flutter, you blanch at his sight. A single word from him and you're melting. You are still under the influence of love at first sight. Normal.
However, these feelings are so strong that, in your head, it is complete chaos. It's as if your darling had become transparent since ... And if it waslove that you feel for your lover, think of yourself ... Yet you love him the Jules who shares your life. It's certain. But then how can your little heart beat for two different beings ?!
Do not mix everything!
Your Jules, you love himlove. The trust, the shared moments, your unique complicity and the tenderness you have for each other are all proof that it islove true that it is.
With the other - the new kid - you are actually in the register of desire and sexual fulfillment. You are attached to this physical happiness that it brings you and the feeling lover is there. For all that, it's not aboutlove in the full sense of the word ....
Some tips
Do not go flat with loss and noise, your dear and tender for your stallion! Think.
A passion does not always last ... And it may be that once you have come down from your little cloud, you discover many faults in the one who makes you climb the curtain secretly!
If you choose to continue to lead this double life, also know that you are taking risks ... Your darling may well have serious doubts any of these four and your lover start getting impatient.
Difficult not to create dissatisfaction or suffering in a story to three. Even if one is an accomplished and experienced seductress, one is not immune from the trap that closes on oneself ...
Do not overestimate yourself and do not underestimate the consequences of your actions. Nothing is free and you may find yourself alone to finish!
Rather, why did you go elsewhere? Have a real introspection session.
Most women take a lover because boredom and routine undermine their relationship ... If this is your case, discuss with your lover and take things in hand to give your relationship a boost.
If the disagreements in your relationship are deeper, the situation is different. Would not it be wiser to simply break? An extra-marital relationship can also reveal a deep and insurmountable discomfort in your relationship ...
If you are in this situation, have the courage to break up. Then try to build a real story with your lover or simply go to conquer a new lover.
Freed from your story of a flapping couple, you'll be happy anyway!

I LOVE TWO GUYS AT THE SAME TIME? | Dear Yessica (August 2022)