February 29, 2024

To make a baby after 35 years: testimonials of women

Daphne, 41 years old.
"When I met the one who was going to be the father of my children, I was 36. We decided to have a child 2 years later, and after 3 months I consulted because I did not get pregnant Behind the words, "aging of your ovaries" I had the impression that it was announced that I will never be able to have a child, I did not make any exam, I rested, we are gone on vacation and two months after I was pregnant "

Laurence, 38 years old.
"After a few months of trying to get a baby, I first went to my gynecologist, I was 36, and I thought I was" at fault. "We did the exams, and everything was fine When I asked my husband to do the exams, he was very reluctant, as if he was questioning his fertility, and it turned out that he had mild subfertility. ectopic insemination, and after 3 cycles I was expecting a baby "

Sarah, 43 years old.

"I had my first young child, and I divorced at age 37. I met my new husband at age 39, and he had no children.At 41, we decided to make a Unfortunately, I have had three consecutive miscarriages: I am 43 years old, I think it is now too late, luckily we started the process of adoption and we are waiting "

Mireille, 40 years old
"I had my third child at age 40, and I did not expect it, I did not feel more tired or more at risk than in previous pregnancies I had an amniocentesis and all was well Unlike my other pregnancies, I was much more relaxed, I took my time, my career I had built before, there I had time to take care of my baby.I decided to? to stop my old job and I became a freelance consultant, I organize my time as I want it and I am totally fulfilled. "

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