August 16, 2022

To make a baby after 35 years: tips to boost your fertility

Eat balanced and healthy. This is not the time to start a diet deficient in anticipation of the kilos that we will take, but it is instead the right period to fill up with vitamins. However, be careful with overweight, it can lead to hypertension and diabetes problems once pregnant.

Know your cycle. Not always easy to know if we had reports at the right time, yet it's pretty simple for a normal cycle of 28 days, block your nights from the 10th to the 17th day and if the cycles are long it is necessary to extend until the 18th day!

Stop smoking. Deciding to conceive a child is the best motivation for quitting. Crush your last cigarette for two because your spouse is also concerned, tobacco playing on the quality of his sperm.

Moderate your alcohol consumption before conception. When you are pregnant, the tolerance is zero at alcohol level. To start right now. What's more, ask your spouse to do the same because non-moderate consumption of alcohol reduces sperm production and impairs their mobility.

Do not think about that. No need to cross your fingers in the first month, and announce it to the whole family. Sometimes it takes longer. Avoid having sex only at the most fertile time, it's a killer love!

Do blood tests to check with a blood test that you are well immunized against toxoplasmosis and rubella. You can also check that you do not have any problems with your thyroid or diabetes.

Take vitamin B9: taken before conception and during the first month of pregnancy, it reduces the risk of malformation and miscarriage.

Venture! And for these gentlemen, the best is to avoid heat and tight pants.

Fertility Advice for Women: Dr. Sanjay Agarwal (August 2022)