May 29, 2023

To protect your children from the sun

The excess of sun can be very harmful to the health of the children. Their skin is fragile and they are much more prone to sunburn, heat stroke and sunstroke than adults. What's more, the skin keeps in "memory" the sunburns and hours of exposure during childhood.

Vitamin D is synthesized by the skin thanks to the sun's radiation. But contrary to popular belief, diet is a good source of vitamin D and the doctor prescribes that the child has a sufficient supply. Exposure of children to the sun is not necessary for their good health.

Enhanced protection is essential for children and babies. This means that in the sun, they must always be wearing a light hat, sunglasses whose lenses contain a good filter, sunscreen index at least 30 and renewed every hour and lightweight cotton clothing or anti-t-shirt. UV by the sea and pool.

Play your children in the shade. Know that the shadow of a wall better protects the health of your child than the shade of a tree or umbrella. Even if your child is in the shade of the umbrella at the beachknow that sand has a reverberation rate of 20% (snow and water 80%).

Between 11 am and 3 pm the sun's radiation is particularly intense. Avoid bringing your children out during this time.

Our advice
If your child has a sunburn, give him / her water regularly, apply cold compresses and soothing lotions, give some paracetamol if necessary. If there are signs of sunstroke, such as drowsiness, nausea, high fever, or blistering, consult a doctor immediately.

Sun Safety For Kids PKG (May 2023)