June 23, 2021

To read: two books on seduction

"Are you just looking for one or two things to flirt with?" My advice: tear this page down and make a paper airplane that you will then throw at the other end of the bookstore.Go to the following pages, and repeat the operation until you to the vigilante's intervention. " The tone is set: the American Neil Strauss shares with us his poor experiences in terms of seduction. And he does so with such humor and incisive tone that it is impossible to rest his two books before the end!

After The Game, The Rules of the Game brings together two hilarious and very useful books to know what to avoid at all costs to do with a woman. If you want to play with seduction, you have to know the rules!

This is what explains Neil Strauss, who describes himself as a desperate ex-teenager: the rule 4 of the virtuoso of the dredge is to never leave without a map! If you want to have all the cards in hand to become a slayer, hang in there because the author says it himself, "it's not easy, believe me!"

30 Days to Seduce gives you very funny "lessons" about the complexity of feelings and relationships between the two sexes. For the funny anecdotes side, go to the virtuoso of the dredge who will tell you what happened to him when he applied (or not!) these rules ...

In a few words, the author summarizes his philosophy: he emphasizes in his preface that he titled these works as "because I propose this challenge: to become a virtuoso of the dredge in 30 days. Just writing this sentence, I feel like a charlatan selling books "help for the person". Mind you, if I can help you, it suits me. And in 30 days, we can move on. But for now..."

The Rules of the Game that comes out in bookstores June 4, 2009 editions Au diable vauvert.

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