June 25, 2022

To reconnect with your first love: is it a good thing?

What hides your desire to reconnect with your love of youth?
The Jules of your childhood always reappears in your heart at specific moments: crisis or boredom in your relationship, disappointment in love, breakup, celibacy ...
The reason ? It is reassuring to take refuge in this "love story" of the past then full of promise, purity, carefreeness and dreams. And then fantasizing about a reunion with a boy you knew so well seems much less risky than throwing you into the arms of a stranger.
Not to mention that time has erased all the pain and hard times of this first relationship. Only good memories remain. So hard not to be nostalgic for this lost paradise lover.
You have finally idealized this love and it's very tempting to find him. An exhilarating way to rejuvenate a bit, too.
And if the review was the solution?
You contact him again
After surfing for hours on Facebook Buddies and Facebook, you manage to find your first heart stroke. He has not forgotten you either and has even tried to find you more than once, in vain. You decide to see you again.
Your heart is pounding just before the appointment. Has he changed? Does he still love you? Does he have someone in his life? Are you going to relive a beautiful story oflove ?
Two possible scenarios
You fall from high!
When he arrives, you find him very ... different. Shock. The dark brown has become ... bald. And his athletic body is seriously thickened. Yes, there are men who do not improve with time. Alas, that's his case. No chance. Your dream oflove crashes in full flight. The worst thing is that he is boring to death and only talks about him. And he is married too ... a detail he had been careful not to mention until you noticed his magnificent alliance. You shorten the appointment and take your legs to your neck.
Have no regrets. Now you know that you have not passed by the man of your life! And you will finally be able to mourn this story oflove which makes you no longer fantasize at all, but then no more.
You stay on your little cloud
You relive the love at first sight of your youth! It's like evidence. He is even more beautiful than before, wiser, more mature and so much sexier too ... And above all-miracle-he is free!
You are completely in love. Him too. It's go again !
But without the mistakes of the past this time ...
You have a real second chance. This is certainly good because the foundation of your relationship will be much stronger than in the past. The desire will not be stealthy because tenderness and attachment between you are not old. Yes, there are cases where "prime love always lasts "...

=> And you, would you be ready to find your first lover? Tell us !

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