June 5, 2020

To slide in the anti-bobo kit of your children

Blue, bumps, burns, sores ... Urgo thought of everything. Arnica gel for blows, bruises or bumps is applied to the pain area. It promotes the process of resorption of blows, blues and bumps. Its non-greasy gel texture penetrates quickly and provides a soothing sensation of freshness. Message to the family : Wash hands after use. The tube of 50 g is priced at 5.30 euros.

The emulsion burns is formulated with calendula, allantoin and vitamin E. It provides a feeling of freshness, quickly soothes pain and promotes skin healing. For first degree burns. The tube of 60 g is priced at 5.30 euros.

The Urgo antibacterial treatment cleanses, purifies the skin and acts durably thanks to chlorhexidine, which is known for its antibacterial properties. Without alcohol, this treatment does not sting and respects the most fragile skin. The twelve single doses of 5 ml cost 4.50 euros.

In contact with the air, the Urgo spray dressing, which can be used for cuts and superficial scratches, is transformed into a transparent film that protects the wound from possible infections and optimizes the natural process of healing. Its flexible and water resistant film allows to continue the aquatic and sports activities. The spray is priced at 9.10 euros.

This selection of Urgo care, which can be found in pharmacy and drugstore, is to slide urgently into the anti-booster kit.

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