September 28, 2020

To slim down at any age: 30 years old, I enjoy my youth!

At 30, we take advantage of his youth
Thirties often coincide with a period of greater emotional and personal stability. We know his "weight of form"With which we feel good and that we want to keep." We also learned the main principles of a balanced diet, even if it is sometimes difficult to apply them on a daily basis, but it is possible to reconcile the constraints of an active life with a diet adapted. Plan your menus, those of your breakfasts on the go and your convivial meals of the evening. Take the time to make a hearty breakfast in the morning. You will be able to lose without pain and durably your two or three kilos in excess!

The traps of the thirties to avoid
1. Remove starchy foods from her diet
Ate "nature", they are less caloric than we imagine (50 g of bread or 1/4 baguette, do not bring more than 125 Kcal, just like a dish of pasta or cooked rice, about 125 g). And these are foods that have the advantage of satisfying the appetite of young workers. They therefore have their place at every meal, but in small quantities and proportionally to physical activity.

2. Do without fat
We know that they are very energetic (75 Kcal for only 10 g of butter, 90 Kcal for 10 g of oil). We were also told that you had to eat less fat if you wanted to preserve your cardiovascular health. But by wanting to do too well, we sometimes go too far. Banish any oil consumption is to deprive of unsaturated fatty acids valuable for the good condition of nerve cells and skin. Removing the butter and choosing only lean dairy products is risk of missing vitamins A and D. Every day, make sure to swallow about 10 g of butter and 10 g of oil.

3. Do not sleep
At 30, one must preserve his sleep capital. There is evidence that a sleep deficit changes hormonal secretions and promotes fat storage and weight gain.

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