April 1, 2020

To take good care of the nails

Exposed to bad weather, dishwashing water, garden work, hands are hard. And we do not always think of protecting them from gloves or feeding them with a moisturizer. And yet, your nails also feed on cream and this care must become a daily gesture.

If your nails are fragile and brittle, start by filing them short, squared. Check that your diet is rich enough in soy, fish and seafood. If your nails are soft, use a hardener care. If your nails are dry, feed them abundantly with corresponding care.

Make saltwater baths
to strengthen your brittle nails, 8 grams of salt in a liter of water.

If your nails are in very bad shape, avoid the nail polish. A healthy, well-filed, polished nail becomes shiny and very pretty in its natural state.

To apply your nail polish without damaging your nailsAlways start by carefully removing any pre-existing traces with a solvent without acetone. Rinse your nails in cold soapy water, remove dead skin, push back the cuticles with a cotton swab and dry. Coat your nails with cream, pass the polisher and then file in the same direction. Apply a moisturizer and a protective base on the nails. Choose a varnish without quick drying because they tend to dry out your nails.

To stop fungal infections foot nails, always dry your feet thoroughly after showering and wear cotton socks in your shoes.

To prevent your nails from oxidizing and become all yellow, never varnish your nails when wearing closed shoes. Take good care of your nails, polish them, but keep them neat in winter!
Our advice
A little trick to have beautiful nails and cuticles net: massage them with lemon juice and then coat them with olive oil. It can replace moisturizing creams.