October 22, 2021

Toddlers and premature babies have their diapers

In France, there are today nearly 65,000 premature babiesor 7% of births (source: PremUP Foundation). That's 20,000 babies more born in advance than 10 years ago. Every day in our country, around 180 babies are born prematurely, what has caused the brand to react Pampers.

The babies of very small size need as much exchange as babies born futures, that's why Pampers launches a new range of diapers adapted to their size and featherweight.

These micro layers are soft and comfortable, only for newborns of very small cabarit, but there are also specialized wipes, as soft as cotton and water to respect the fragile skin of premature babies.

But fortunately, other brands dedicated to early childhood have also put themselves in it. For baby equipment, there are now pods with harness and ultra-comfortable foam, whose ergonomics are designed for premas. The respiratory system of these babies not being fully formed, these nacelles are manufactured in such a way that the baby can travel fully lying down in the first months.

For clothes, an effort has been made in this direction: stylists have created a trousseau of baby adapted to the particular morphology of premature babies. Today there are very small clothes on the shelves.

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