June 23, 2024

Together but separated: these couples who do not live together

For the
A distance that creates desire : Waiting for it, hoping, imagining it in our arms before it is physically, what better dope for feelings? It is precisely because it arouses this exacerbation, affective and sexual, of the desire of the other that the fact of not having the same apartment is generally very beneficial for the couple. No risk to be fucked, to trivialize the relationship and to see, eventually, his companion as a roommate ....

No arguments about material things : Do not live under the same roof, it means that one does not expose, either, to let oneself be oxidized by the details and very prosaic events of the everyday life. When we spent the day repairing a flushing toilet or filling out a tax slip, we did not say that we do not have the desire to party under the duvet afterwards ...

A way to go back to life with two people
Finally, in some people scalded by unfortunate experiences, or even blurred with theloveDo not cohabit can be an intermediate step to regain gradually. History to note that, yes, we can share (but not all the time) the pleasures of intimacy without necessarily burning their wings

A daily newspaper difficult to organize and finance : What is less idyllic in this type of situation is that it forces those who convert to set up a concrete organization. It is not always easy to reconcile the schedules, the schedules of each spouse, who goes to whom and when. And things get more complicated when there are children in the balance!

Reunion not always at the height: To find Cheri in grouchy or even mute mode because he had a bad day at work, we tolerate him if we live together. We will accept less of his mastiff mood if we have not seen him for a week and we were happy about his presence.

An increased risk of infidelity
: Finally, the lack of regular presence of his partner leaves more time and space to yield to temptations, to go to check if the grass is greener elsewhere .... To meditate so before cracking for the option CNC!

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