September 28, 2020

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: long hair is hot!

That looks alike ... This adage does not seem to go very well to the duo of stars that are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. He is small and quadra, she is big and teens teens, impossible to match months. However, the Holmes-Cruise have found a parade!

Each of the two lovebirds chose to let her hair. For Katie Holmes, who had been showing a cut for several months, the return to long hair reminds us of her Dawson years when the young woman played the role of romantic teenager Joey Potter. A nice return to his first love ...

As for Monsieur Tom Cruise, known for his sexy short cut in Top Gun especially, the long hair with the big wick on the forehead seem to give him a second youth but later. Want to adapt to the months of his wife? In any case the couple seems to be on the same wavelength ... capillary!

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