December 1, 2021

Tom Ford dad: his son's name is Alexander John

Pink notebook
The one who wanted so much to have children and today a man filled. The famous 51-year-old stylist who does and defeats fashion in a talented way has just announced the arrival of their first child in the family, little Alexander John. In a relationship since 1986 with 61-year-old journalist Richard Buckley, Tom Ford remained discreet about the announcement of this happy event. An official press release was unveiled indicating the birth of little Alexander John Buckey Ford on September 23 in Los Angeles. With a stylist dad and another journalist, the little boy will be able to swim in the artistic world, especially that of fashion. The question everyone is asking, Tom Ford and Richard Buckley did they choose this first name in tribute to the brilliant designer Alexander McQueen?

The name Alexander
The first name Alexander comes from Greek and means "defense of humanity". In France Alexander is attributed to nearly 2,000 people but remains little attributed to the difference of the English, Scandinavian and Germanic countries where it is widespread. Alexander refers to will, practice, enthusiasm, communication and reasoning.

Current side
After having dressed Daniel Craig in the new James Bond "Skyfall" scheduled in the halls on October 26, the stylist who is today an icon in the fashion world will be able to pamper his little end.

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