June 25, 2022

Tonight, Masterchef flies to Morocco

The competition Masterchef is in full swing and the remaining 11 candidates are clearly not

at the end of their sentence, far from it. The sixth episode released tonight will be an opportunity to discover the Top 10 of the edition Masterchef 2012.

To integrate it, the candidates will have to pass the test of the mystery box during which they will have to tame a timer. No theme or imposed ingredients, only one motto: creativity. In 1h30, the amateur cooks will have to impress the jury with the dish of their choice before going on a recognition test devoted to farm animals. An event high in surprises in perspective. At the end of these two events, ten candidates will have the chance to leave for a very exotic team event.

It is in Morocco that the last ten candidates of Masterchef will be competing in teams, during a race that will take place in the heart of the majestic Merzouga desert. One goal: revisit two dishes must-haves of Moroccan gastronomy, couscous and tajine. The team that has not convinced the jury and its guests will end up in Marrakech, under pressure test. On this occasion, the candidates will have to reproduce a recipe of the chef Meryem Cherkaoui. And of course, one more candidate will leave the adventure Masterchef.

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Abla Sofy (June 2022)