May 20, 2024

Tony Parker / Eva Longoria: Phone Adultery

In the continuation of the soap opera Eva Longoria vs Tony Parker, the latest news: TP exchanged sms sms with his mistress Erin Barry and would be grilled by his dear wife! Which will make him pay dearly.

The breaking shattering glamorous couple ends with a divorced (what else?), the papers would already be published ... And all because of the mobile phone of Monsieur? Certainlyinfidelity the basketball player is proven, as well as the curiosity of Madam who looked at her husband's cell phone. Trust reigns ... Finally Eva Longoria did well to poke!

But TP is not discreet because it seems that hundreds of SMS were sent by Erin Barry, the wife of Brent Bary, who played with TP and the Spurs from 2004 to 2008.

According to an Australian study, a quarter of mobile phone users are discoveringinfidelity their spouse because of a text message! So to all the rascals tempted, either you erase all traces of your hot exchanges, or you confess liu to get caught by your half!

Eva Longoria Talking About Tony Parker Divorce and Cheating (May 2024)