June 2, 2020

Top Chef: Two Michelin Stars for Jean-François Piège

Young candidates Top chef can now be definitely reassured: Jean-François Piège, one of their jurors and mentor, great adept of the "cooking feelings"is a very good example, it is not one but two good stars that the chef has indeed over his head now.

Jean-François Piège, juror of the show Top chef since 2010, has indeed been awarded two stars in Michelin Guide 2011. Two stars who salute the excellence of the cuisine he offers restaurant first floor of the Thoumieux Hotel, opened at the end of 2010, in the 7th district of Paris. A nice reward for the juror of Top chef who was already a regular starred recognition since the Michelin Guide He had been awarded two stars as chef at the Hotel Crillon in Paris.


In a duet with Thierry Costes, Jean-François Piège decided in 2009 to buy the Hotel Thoumieux, an old Parisian establishment, to make it a new place where brasserie, hotel and restaurant gourmet. Only a few months after the completion of the first floor work, which now houses the restaurant cozy designed by India Mahdavi, Jean-François can boast of having achieved his goal while setting the bar very high. Hat!

Top Chef Jean-François Piège loves Mimolette! RECIPE ! (June 2020)