September 25, 2021

Top Flop: Chloé Sevigny vs. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne, fashion icon? Incredible but true ... In just a few months Ozzie Osbourne's daughter has left her inveterate grungette uniform: destroy trousers, pink hair and Doc Martens de rigueur against a glam rock style and a slim silhouette ... The head of this miracle? Not Cristina Cordula, the relooker of M6 but rather Chace Crawford, who is lent an idyll with Kelly Osbourne (yes, you read correctly!) And if we can be dubious about the glamor potential of the young woman, watching her at the party Fendi who inaugurated his shop in Los Angeles ... we can only approve!
And if Kelly Osbourne changed from Out Girl to It Girl, Chloé Sevigny seems to be in a bad way. Customary border line looks, Chloé Sevigny dare this time the almost monastic robe (signed Fendi but still) ... A few days after wearing a leopard dress, Chloé Sevigny definitely makes the splits fashion!

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas (September 2021)