June 9, 2023

Top Flop: Jennifer Aniston and Sienna Miller

Ideal to put a coppery complexion in value and to give a good face to the skins, the coral is the ideal color to go to the sun! Whether you are brunette or blonde, the coral will enhance your complexion. Right in the trend of the moment, Sienna Miller and Jennifer Aniston have tried the coral look, with more or less happiness!

Sienna Miller has everything to annoy us! A fiance who makes us dream (Jude Law), a wardrobe to fall, a pretty face ... As elegant in street look to walk his dog in formal wear, Sienna Miller always good style! Better, she manages to avoid the crash test with this strapless dress. Bright, fresh, Sienna Miller the party girl gives a Saint Tropez side to this Ungaro dress.

Without wishing to move the knife in the wound, at GirlsFromMainStreet.com, we still do not recover from the arrival of Jennifer Aniston in Paris. Not to mention the 2 minutes 30 minutes to say hi to the room during the premiere of the Bounty hunterNo, I'm talking about her dress Christian Lacroix that we say straight out of a shower curtain!

With her hair back and her candy dress, Jen is really wrong!

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