June 9, 2023

Top Flop: Let's save Sarah Jessica Parker's look !!!

GirlsFromMainStreet.com's Fashion Police is worried, worried about the status and look of Sarah Jessica Parker. While the actress has said she is ready to go back for a third episode of Sex and the city in cinema, in real life, the actress is the victim of a strange illness, the sloppiness.

Since her marriage to Matthew Broderick, we notice indeed the star of the disturbing symptoms: badly coiffed, badly undermined, Sarah nevertheless dares to shop in the streets of Manhattan, without even trying to hide from the photographers.

Whew, when it comes to getting to a red carpet, Sarah Jessica Parker manages to pull himself together. Radiant on the red carpet in nude mini dress and white jacket, branded Stella Mc Cartney, during a very chic evening, the star held his rank of Dr. ès fashionista. But the day is not that: knitted vest and matching hat, the star does not leave without his bag Vuitton but it is a fashion faux-not total!

Verdict: red card for Sarah Jessica Parker !

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