November 30, 2021

Top Flop: Lindsay Lohan vs. Kelly Osbourne

Lindsay Lohan would she be taking her head out of the water ... and her bottle of vodka? Since his separation from Djette Samantha Ronson and his initiatory trip to India, Lindsay Lohan tries to redeem himself a pipe. Last night, she hosted a charity gala for the victims of Haiti and the least we can say is that Miss Lohan looks better in her sneakers. If the adage "tell me what you wear, I'll tell you who you are" has a background of truth, Lindsay Lohan seems determined to forget his trashy period. Evidenced by this little black dress, very glamorous with its zip, and that's good!

The worthy daughter of Ozzy Osbourne has always had special looks ... For this summer, Kelly Osbourne put on the lemon yellow retro dress, with the bow in the hair please! Yellow dress with black dots, you had to dare, Kelly did it. We do not!

Fashion Police Face Off! - YT (November 2021)