May 29, 2023

Top Flop: Megan Fox vs. Kristen Stewart

Egeria for Armani, for whom she poses in underwear, Megan Fox also plays the luxury coat rack on red carpet. On the occasion of the Los Angeles premiere of Jonah Hex, Megan Fox wore a particularly hot red Giorgio Armani draped mini dress ... Love it or hate it, hard deny the sex appeal of Megan Fox which shows once again that she is one of Hollywood's hottest actresses.

The opposite of Megan Fox the hot, the icy Kristen Stewart ! Criticized by the press for her grumpiness and sometimes neglected style, Kristen Stewart is doing more and more effort to seduce the press on the red carpet. Here in Marchesa, Kristen Stewart tries a real operation seduction in front of the press during the premiere of Twilight in Italy. Yes Kristen Stewart Always seems adept of the "Gothic" codes, the young woman dares the ruffles for a neo romantic look. Convincing ? Not quite ... The rub, the black nail polish on the toenails, a little too dark, right?

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