August 15, 2022

Top Flop Special Pregnant Women Alyssa Milano Vs. Victoria Beckham

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, we are following very closely the pregnancy of Victoria Beckham. And David Beckham to shout his happiness at the idea that his wife gives birth to a little girl ... But if Miss Beckham continues without fail his fashion show, still perched on 15 cm stilettos signed Louboutin of course, we still do not see any small belly. But where does she put her ???? By dint of sacrificing everything to his silhouette, one wonders if Victoria Beckham do not put his health, and that of his future baby at risk ...


Conversely, Alyssa Milano who announced last night on Twitter being pregnant with a little boy proudly displays the happy event ahead with an asymmetrical blouse and slim jeans. A nice way to assume its new curves and to display at the same time his happiness as a future mother.

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