November 28, 2022

Top Flop Special Strapless Dress: Lisa Rinna Vs. Paris Hilton

Among the red carpet star trends, the strapless dress (always very advantageous when worn by generously shaped actresses) is one of the recurring motifs of the genre. Among the personalities who adopted him at the 32nd Carousel of Hope Ball, at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, Lisa Rinna in a red sheath dress, and Paris Hilton who preferred the option hangs out, and the boy who goes with it ... yes our favorite socialite who likes to play princesses has opted for a pearl pink dress, with uen drags particularly impressive (but impractical when it comes to move). So she needs a Personal Assistant to help her place her train. It would be a shame to get in, right?
More sober, but just as glamorous, the actress Lisa Rinna (seen especially in series like 90210), which was recently deflate the lips (much to the chagrin of her husband), but still retains some sacred benefits ...

HSN | Curations Fashions 05.16.2017 - 08 PM (November 2022)