August 15, 2022

Top special flop Katy Perry!

Became star thanks to the title provoc 'I kissed a girl, Katy Perry play with mischievousness of its pop and crazy image! As for the look, the singer has nothing to envy to Lady Gaga or Rihanna: Moschino's printed cherry dress with her mermaid dress worn (and blue wig) at the MTV Movie Awards, Katy Perry does everything - or almost - to get noticed, but with more or less success!


We love the knit dress Jenny Packham worn with stiletto Louboutin in purple satin: an original but subtle look! It must be said that facing the queen of fashionistas Cheryl Cole, also a juror of X Factor, Katy Perry could not afford the slightest odd fashion.


But if Katy Perry love fashion, sometimes it goes too far, like here with this colorful dress. Katy Perry Would she have confused her dressing room and shower curtain ???

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