October 1, 2020

Top Street Style Special Flop: Sienna Miller vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Masked, coiffed, pomponnée, primed, the stars are at the top of the glamor on the red carpets. But what about in the morning, when you get out of bed, or when you go shopping? The Fashion Police GirlsFromMainStreet.com has scrutinized the stars, natural.

As beautiful in evening dress, as in casual jeans and jacket, Sienna Miller have everything! We love the look of Sienna Miller : slim jeans, simple gray t-shirt, fitted jacket. Side accessories, Sienna mixes simplicity and it pointed shoes.

With this look straight out of the 1970s, Jennifer Love Hewitt could have played in the cult series Funny ladies (You do not think of Jaclyn Smith's false airs ???). Retro brushing, raw jeans with eph legs, an inscription t-shirt and a brown velvet jacket, all that's missing is the lycra under-sweater to make Jennifer Love Hewitt a funny lady ...

Skinwalkers Deleted scene 2 (October 2020)