June 23, 2024

Topshop arrives in France ... at Galeries Lafayette

Already in 2009, the arrival of Topshop in France. But this project, as exciting as it may be, soon turned into a blow, like Burger King's return to our lands. But our patience is finally rewarded because Galeries Lafayette have just announced that an ephemeral corner Topshop will open in the store on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, next February. Good news that leaves us a little on the teeth anyway since the English giant will be staying with us for three short weeks. It's not much, but we can hope that this temporary landing is only the beginning before the opening of real shops, especially as Topshop should set up shop soon in New York.

However, fashionistas addicted to the English brand should not miss this appointment. From February 11, the Galeries Lafayette Boulevard Haussmann will offer several pieces from the spring / summer 2013 collection. Clothing, accessories, shoes... that's enough to satisfy everyone's fashion cravings without going through the Eurostar box.

And if Topshop still plays the fierce, another English brand should open the ball this year and settle truly in France. Primark, the fashion label at low prices, will establish in Paris as in Province. What we put balm in the heart while waiting for the anchoring of Topshop on our lands.

Cara Delevingne at the Topshop launch in NYC 11-05-14 (June 2024)