April 20, 2024

Toys on wheels: ready to go to school?

And if you were traveling to go toschool a Thu daily. Thanks to its range of products with roulette, all the children will take the road of theschool with pleasure. here are some toys of this range:

The Joey Kiddy scooter (bright pink / white)

It has translucent wheels and is designed for little ones. Thanks to it, beginners learn to balance easily and playfully. Its price: 24.99 euros. And your little girl can even use it on weekends.

Flashing heel casters 

The friends, attention, here I am! This is a new concept for snowboarders. The casters are simply fixed under the children's shoes. Plus ... these casters turn on at night. Its price: 12.99 euros.

Skateboard with backpack

The skateboard set with its multifunctional backpack is suitable for storing boards and facilitating transport. Its price: 24.99 euros.

The bicycle helmet "Bob the builder"

When riding a bike or a scooter, a child should always be protected. Here is a nice helmet with the drawing "Bob the Builder" and a built-in flashing rear light. It will get darker and earlier. Thanks to its helmet, your child will be easily spotted by other road users. Its price: 34.99 euros.

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