October 5, 2022

Traditional Christmas menu: which old vegetables to choose as an accompaniment?

Play mini-puree assortments for a complete experience! Rutabaga and cinnamon, butternut squash and pepper, vanilla parsnips ... unique accompaniments perfect for accompanying poultry.

In casserole
You can cook Jerusalem artichokes, parsnip, chervil and rutabaga together in the same casserole recipe. Cook them in cream, then prepare a poached egg, sprinkle with truffle and serve all in a casserole ... a gourmet touch on entry!

In gratin or custard
Squash (pie, spaghetti ...) are perfect for making small individual flans to serve as an entrée, or a gratin for the dish main. You can add different types of peppers, thick cream and chestnuts.

In sauce
With turkey medallions, saute golden ball turnips in oil, then cover and flip them occasionally. Cook a chutney of parsnips and shallots, you will get a thick jam to serve on the meat with slices of turnips.

With roast poultry, a roast or a piece of veal, place turnips, Jerusalem artichokes, celery, carrots, parsnips and beets in the large bowl. dish which serves you for cooking. Add onions, garlic (in the form of whole pods), cook normally dish and serve it with the cooking juices. A traditional recipe with vegetables uncommon!

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