June 9, 2023

Trend: never without my mother

Kookaï, American Retro, Repetto, swimwear Darjeeling last summer, Princess Tam-Tam for Mother's Day ... There are more and more of these brands that appropriate the mother-daughter relationship. A fashion that is to standardize the creations so that mothers and daughters can draw in their respective wardrobes. This growing trend is entering the hearts and minds of collections.

The precursor of this phenomenon is the Comptoir des Cotonniers brand. Their advertising campaigns featuring mothers and girls in total harmony have been very successful. What give a boost to sales and increase brand awareness (thousands of "couples" regularly appear at castings). Today, Comptoir des Cotonniers goes further by offering a collection junior for 4-12 years old.

An idealized vision of the mother-daughter relationship

Comptoir des Cotonniers
Obviously, this success does not leave indifferent. Some try to reproduce the recipe with more or less creativity. And it is not the teenagers who are "targeted", but indeed the little girls or babies. Isabelle Pollet, marketing manager at Carlin International explains: "These collections speak more to moms than to teens ... maybe because of ambient youthism. Mothers tell themselves that they do not want to be dressed like their own mothers and ogle the wardrobe of their daughters. The latter, on the other hand, do not want their mothers to copy them! "This is why the success of the Comptoir des Cotonniers is unique because it is based on an idealized vision of this relation to a period of life - adolescence - It is so difficult that it becomes disturbing: we do not know who the mother is and who the girl is.

Initiation to femininity

In little girls, on the other hand, the concept hangs more: one is in full in the initiation to the femininity. "It comes earlier and earlier, says Isabelle Pollet, just see all the marketing built around Lorie for 5-8 years." Younger people want to dress up like big ones. The touch of humor, which is often found in these collections, avoid the smallest to look vulgar and the biggest to pass for a retarded teenager.

The Kookaï brand understood this well. She stays true to her style by offering a collection for the small kookaïettes modeled on that of the big ones. A young Taiwanese designer, Yasei Tsai, launches for the winter her first collection "Me and my daughter" with a simple concept: the mother can dress her little girl (18 months to 8 years) in her image, all in one place. "All in all, it is wise, but it can be disturbing when the codes that younger people appropriate are those of lingerie.It is parents to be vigilant and to set the limits," says Isabelle Pollet.

"Overall, this trend is far from negative," she continues, "this way of tucking into girls' wardrobes is more of a desire for well-being and comfort." Women are looking in sportswear for a cooler, less formal and, above all, more creative look. On this subject, note the stroke of genius Petit Bateau who managed, a few years ago, to expand his target by offering his basic t-shirts in fashion colors. The brand today communicates on an idea of ​​comfort and nonconformity from 0 to 18 years. "What's interesting about this trend, Isabelle Pollet concludes, is that there is an offer to dig at the brands: an elegant sportswear city to make emerge". A good hearers ...

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