September 21, 2023

Trend recessionista: the good plans of the redaction

That the one who has never preferred a pair of shoes (overpriced but sublime) to a washing machine throws me at first stone ... When we love fashion, we have a hard time avoiding the pitfall of the basket perforated.
So to avoid risking being red at the end of each month, we follow the good advice of the recessionista fashionista!

Tip N ° 1: I make an inventory of my cupboards

Before you offer an umpteenth pair of shoes (which you wear three times a year, and again), a little top or a skirt that made you crack in the window, we start by going around his closet history to avoid Duplicates !

Tip # 2: Put on basics

Make yourself THE ideal wardrobe: white shirt, little black dress, cashmere sweater, trench coat, coat, leather jacket ... All essential and timeless pieces that you will wear several seasons

Tip # 3: we do not fall for the must-have of the season

Leggings, legwarmers, slim, military jacket ... so many essential pieces in fashion pages of trendy magazines, but not necessarily in your dressing room! So before cracking, we think twice and ask ourselves the right questions: will I wear it? With what ? Is it really useful?

Tip # 4: We are on the lookout for good deals!

Private sales, empty-dressing, press sales (if you have a girlfriend journalist, to you sales Chloé, Marc Jacobs & co) ... Open the eye and the good to enjoy bargains at low prices.

Tip # 5: I shop on the net

TopShop, Newlook, Asos, the most advanced brands, and not necessarily the most expensive!, Have their online store. What to find in cheap, the look of the stars. So fashion!

Recessionista's Give Good Face (September 2023)