June 23, 2024

Trend Third sex: a male girl, a female boy

As of November 1, Germany will become the first European country to formally propose an "indeterminate" sex on the birth certificate of newborns. Babies with constitutive sexual ambiguity due to an abnormality in the genital differentiation are concerned. In other words, this decision is a first step towards recognition that an individual would not necessarily be a man or a woman from birth.

If from a legal and legal point of view this decision is a first, in culture and everyday behavior, the mixing of genres began to be made some time ago, and is fast becoming the big trend autumn-winter 2013/2014. We also had the proof during Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2013/2014. The women's fashion is oversize sweatshirt, biker-style leather jacket or a total neo-grunge look. We can not say that all this exudes femininity and sexy glamor at first sight. Everything has been done, however, to feminize these trends. Thus, the sweatshirt will certainly be very wide but with rather childish prints, the jackets adopt lighter cuts to marry the shapes of women, and the neo-grunge / punk feminize with skirts. Of course, he is a silhouette that returns to the front of the stage and represents the essence of this mix between masculine and feminine: the costume. At the beginning of the school year, jackets and trousers of pants come out and the shirts in his darling's dressing room.

Men and the skirt
And he'll do the same by going snug in your closet. Because the more the seasons go by, the more men tend to prick us our most feminine "clothing". Thus, more and more men start wearing skirts. Impossible ? If, yes, ask Marc Jacobs, he is a fan of it. In Stockholm, Swedish machinists working for the transport company Arriva did not hesitate to wear the skirt when their direction clearly made them understand that shorts were banned, even in times of heat wave. Company spokesman Tomas Hedenius even praised the initiative: "You have to wear trousers when you're a man, and skirt when you are a woman, but in no case shorts (...) But if a man prefers to wear a woman's clothing, for example a skirt, it's OK ".

Beauty in androgynous mode
Hairdressing and make-up issue, the third sex trend is queen. Indeed, in the fall, we put everything on the complexion zero defect, without blush, without makeup, and on a more or less metallic look. We are in the minimalist make-up. It must be said that we knew better level claim of a feminine beauty. We therefore cultivate feminine-masculine and androgynous beauty by adopting dark tones like a metallic gray, black eyeliner, a gray smoky ... And we make sure to leave the skin and mouth completely nude.

The masculine counterpart of androgynous beauty is the metrosexual, the man who takes care of his skin, his body, his look ... exactly like a woman. The phenomenon is admirably represented by stars such as David Beckham, Westwick Ed, Jude Law or Neil Patrick Harris. Moreover, men are more and more numerous to pique creams, serums in the vanity of their companion. This is what says a recent study of the site Escentual.com relayed by the Daily Mail.

Love without borders
It is not only in beauty and fashion that the trend is towards the masculine-feminine mixture and the inverse of the codes. Today, the balance of power in male-female relations also seems to be blurred. The women take more and more the front, do not hesitate to flirt with the guys, to put them in a basket on adopteunmec.com as one buys clothes in the shop. And these gentlemen, on the other hand, are happy to be courted for once.

In the same way, in terms of sex, taboos always fall a little more each day. Many stars now claim their bisexuality. Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Amber Heard and Anna Paquin do not hesitate to claim that they are attracted by both men and women.

Behaviors change as the boundaries between the masculine and the feminine become blurred.No wonder the third sex trend is so popular and ubiquitous next season.

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