October 25, 2021

Trend whitening: the bar to smile, we start or not?

The concept: Getting Thinning Out teeth and get rid of their tasks in a place far from the chair of the classic dentist and in record time, as one would do a manicure!

For dentists, bleaching is done in several stages with products heavily dosed with whitening agents. In the arms with smiles use a gel without hydrogen peroxide or at a rate lower than 0.1% maximum allowed by law.
But dentists warn against letting non-specialists practice bleaching, especially because they fear that the frequency becomes too high when we should not be whitewashed. teeth more than every 3 years, while smile bars sometimes recommend several sessions a year!

Although the dosage of the active ingredients is not as concentrated in the office and therefore the bleaching in one of these establishments is less strong than in the dentist, it can damage the teethespecially if you do not follow certain precautions, if you do it on teeth damaged (which we can not see ourselves) etc .... Sessions last about 20 minutes and work on the same principle as in the office: we apply a whitening gel on teeththen bites into a gutter. We then expose ourselves to a blue light that will activate the product.

Whitening VS descaling?

In fact, we do it almost ourselves, as with a kit to do at home! Then avoid coffee and tobacco. Ideally, it would be necessary to carry out a descaling beforehand, so perhaps that to pass to the dentist to do it will not only make it possible to optimize it but also to ask him his opinion in passing before starting: nothing replaces the examination of your teeth by a health professional.

If all the elements of security are gathered (medical questionnaire, clean material, protection of the gums etc ...), the bars with smile are a good solution for all those who do not dare to cross the course or can not afford the fees of a dentist: between 500 and 1500? against 79? at Magic Smile for example.

The addresses
-Magic Smile from 49? the flash session, and 79? the classic; everywhere in France: addresses on //www.magicsmile.fr
-Point Smile with subscription system or free sessions 29,90? Flash formula (19.90? for subscribers), smile 69 formula? etc ... //www.point-sourire.fr/
-Pure Smile from 79? the 20 minutes, in Paris only. Info on: //www.pure-smile.fr/