May 28, 2024

Trends hairstyles spring-summer 2010: the cocoa half-long of Franck Provost

For who ?

For those who want to keep their femininity without too much artifice. The very pronounced color speaks for itself and does not necessarily need a very elaborate cut. This mid-length has the advantage of being suitable for all face shapes with a preference for square and round frames, which see their features soften even more. This spicy brunette puts forward its typical side for a resolutely caliente summer!
The right cut

The cashmere brown sweeping, an exclusive sponge technique, provides a more melted result, alternating lighter and darker veils than the mahogany ash-brown base illuminated by a pair of deep golden brown veils. The color is then sublimated thanks to the intensely intense Nutricolorist Color Booster Care Franck Provost. The cut of the long square under the shoulders, is smoothly degraded around the face, keeping some material on the tips. To optimize maximum shine and keep this sophisticated effect, the hair is smoothed with a Liss'Active Thermo Protective smoothing milk.
Good makeup

In the evening, you can play purple and taupe tones in halo on the eyes and a brown tan on the lips. By day, you can also emphasize your eyes with colored pencils and with a mascara stuffing, since here there is no bangs. The complexion should preferably be worked to accentuate the contrasts or on the contrary be powdered to affrimer the southern side. Anyway this color does not allow dark circles and tired features, which is why it is better summer.

With some hair long, we can afford all variants. Attached in high ponytail, in Spanish low bun, in big loops 40's spirit, in disheveled braid to the bohemian ... everything is possible! The hair mid-lengths also have the advantage of being easy to work without being too crowded.

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