October 25, 2021

Trendy shoes: the boot you will put on

Good news for fans of boots : you will be served!
The boot is not a boot. She is not a low-boot either. It is, literally and figuratively, between the two. She is more casual than a shoe and less dangerous than a thigh high. In short, it is an intermediate model with no real criteria, except to be in between. It is perhaps this open definition that allows all creators to seize and reinvent it unceasingly.
This winter (but like many other winters) there will be some boots. In 2010 three models come out of the lot: the boots crush-m **** versions, with or without stiletto heels, at Sportmax, John Galliano, Barbara Bui, Fendi; the boots chic, with or without laces, with square heels, which we noticed in Celine, Chloe and Gucci; and finally, a very typical model early century, with a small heel end, a pointed and lace-up at Givenchy, Armani, Sonia Rykiel, Cavalli ...
It is therefore difficult to take a step without being struck by boots.
Our prescription:
For warrior fashion, we recommend a hybrid model halfway between the boot and the mountain shoe, stuffed with large soles notched. Mixed with a little dress or, for the day, with jeans and a bomber, you're dressed.
For the most classic, we can not recommend too much a classic model with square heel, natural leather or beige, according to the very classic tone of our upcoming winter fashion.

Our shopping:
Boots H & M, price not communicated
Boots Christian Louboutin, 845?
Boots Athe-Vanessa Bruno, 280?
Boots Tod's, 470?