January 31, 2023

True / False about pleasure: The bigger a penis, the more fun it gives you

So it's wrong: your jules do not need to be hung like Rocco Siffredi to bring you to orgasm and get you exquisite sensations!
The world average is fourteen centimeters in erection (between seven and eleven at rest) and most women cope with it without any problem.

Obviously, some men are proud to approach the twenty centimeters and do not hesitate to talk about it to prove their manhood, but their partners do not always see it the same? He ... While some are delighted to have a lover well hung, others know painful reports.

Clitoral women, in particular, are not particularly fond of penis too long or too wide. What's the point ? The pleasurethey find it largely thanks to their clitoris!

Finally, small, big, wide, the whole thing is to know how to use it and especially not to be satisfied with penetration to satisfy Madame! A man "spoiled by nature" is not necessarily a better lover than everyone. Notice to the males in power ...

Black Guys Have the Bigger Penis | Is It True? (January 2023)