December 11, 2023

True false on energy drinks

The recipeenergy drinks is based on three essential components: caffeine, taurine and glucoronolactone. These last two components are very controversial and have long been banned in France because we do not know their effects on the body in the long term. This ban ended in July 2008, when the energy drink Red Bull has made its entry in France ... Very controversial, these drinks are to consume with moderation ...
You can consume two energy drinks a day without danger. FALSE
The daily consumption not to exceed is 125 ml or half a can.
The consumption of energy drinks is not recommended for pregnant women and athletes. TRUE
They are highly concentrated in caffeine and sugars and can lead to hyperexcitability, increased nervousness and anxiety.
Drinking energy drinks, when under medical treatment or drinking alcohol, is safe. FALSE
Do not mix them, even if it's often the case in the evenings ... They disturb the nervous system and have harmful effects on the brain.
Some energy drinks contain taurine. TRUE
Taurine is an amino acid contained in the bile of a bull. It is a neurotransmitter that intervenes in the cardiac functions of the individual. To date, studies are underway to determine whether the action of taurine combined with that of caffeine can have adverse effects on the body.
Drinking energy drink increases stamina. TRUE
These drinks also promote the elimination of toxins and improve concentration and memory.
Our advice
In the name of the precautionary principle, these drinks are to be consumed in moderation. Studies on rats reveal on the one hand violent behavior (self-mutilation), on the other hand that the substances contained would decrease the level of platelets in the blood ...

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