October 4, 2023

True-false on luxury cosmetics

According to a study conducted by NDP Group, sales of beauty products from luxury continue to climb, particularly with regard to anti wrinkle. Despite massive advertising campaigns for mass-market products, would French women see greater efficiency in high-end products?

Consumer products are manufactured by the same brands as luxury.
True - But this does not mean that the contents of pots and tubes are the same. It must be that small prices are won on something! The packaging, the quality of the components, the density of active products ...

The products of luxury are more effective.
False - It depends on which! Textures are often more flattering, the concentration of active products too, but there are more or less effective products for your skin and more or less efficient products in low prices.

The products of luxury are just advertising and marketing.
True and false - The concept of luxury in itself supports the very personal notion of exclusive pleasure, elitist pampering. "Because we are good," says one of the giants of cosmetics. The message is declined from packaging to textures.

If you want a really effective product, you should contact your dermatologist.
True - The world of beauty is a pleasure. The world of medicine is that of efficiency. If you are having a specific skin problem, it is always good to consult. Because any cosmetic cream has a limit: that of keeping a superficial action. Any medical cream aims to treat more deeply.
Our advice
The luxury is to agree well-targeted pleasures. There is no point in choosing the top of the range in any product but to agree basic products that fully satisfy you.

Women Play True Or False: Makeup Edition (October 2023)