April 19, 2024

True / false on pleasure: Perfect control of Kama-sutra for a guaranteed pleasure

So it's wrong. One can reach ecstasy without going through the notary's tie, the lotus, the octopus, the square, the elephant or the necklace of Venus. Doing pirouettes is nice, but nothing guarantees that the pleasure tip the tip of his nose!

While some couples draw their excitement in acrobatic and perilous positions, others prefer to make simple, but effective. The missionary, the greyhound, the 69, the Andromache, are you happy with it? You are not the only ones ...

However, just because you love "classic" sex does not mean that you do not have to be original and daring from time to time. Try. If the results are not glorious, nothing prevents you to conclude this part of pleasure with your favorite position!

Are you really worthless in positions? The flexibility is not at the rendezvous and you're tired of aches the next day? Rather than spice up your sex life with the figures of Kama-sutra, make it playful by mixing sex toys to the party, or wild by making love on the carpet (or skin of the beast) of the show!

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