May 13, 2021

True / False thinness: Red fruits are good to keep the line

Red fruits are ideal for keeping the line and keeping a flat belly: True


Red berries are still unfairly judged to be too sweet or too acidic. Yet, they contain real assets for the health of our body, the youth of our skin and the maintenance of our silhouette. A true source of vitamins and antioxidants, they fight the development of cardiovascular disease and cell aging, while being low in calories and full of good nutrients.

The strawberry, certainly the most famous of the red fruits, bring thus its lot of freshness thanks to its 90% of water. If it contains only thirty kcalories per 100 g, it remains rich in vitamin C, while having a low carbohydrate content: 5-6 g per 100g. The strawberry is a duo of shock with the gooseberry, itself very low in calories and low in carbohydrates.

Raspberry is also on the podium, thanks to its low calorie content and its vitamin C content quite correct. However, she is different from her friends by offering three more fibers, as much as blackcurrant. The latter also wins the palm of the best source of vitamin C with nearly 190mg / 100g, far ahead of the blueberry that struggles to reach 10mg / 100g.

The benefits of red fruits are indisputable and numerous. On the other hand, there is a shadow on the board, to take into account at the time of their purchase: they keep poorly and must be consumed quickly. They can nevertheless be bought frozen, in this case, only the vitamin content will be lower.

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