January 31, 2023

Untangle your hair

Unraveling hair does not mean taking a ton of detangler and a comb, and then pulling until the knots disappear! No !

- Always start at the bottom and go back slowly.
- Proceed with locks. This will prevent you from falling inevitably on a node!
- Use a comb with wide teeth because it is much more tolerant than the end, which does not let anything pass and breaks everything in its path. The larger the teeth, the more you avoid the friction surface.
- Your hair have a meaning! And yes, nothing escapes us! So respect the latter to smooth them.
- Avoid drying your hair in bulk. You will only create a mass of monstrous and discouraging knot.

Little trick: with vinegar. It's known and it works! A tablespoon added to the rinse and you get shine and smoothing.

How to Get a Hair Knot Out - A Giant Knot! (January 2023)